Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hunters of Evil Warband!

I have spent last weekend working up a new warband using bitz from Mordheim box set and my Wargames Factory Vikings. The theory behind this warband is a bunch of fanatics that hate Evil, and will stop at nothing to eradicate it. They will only use blunt weapons when they have become full fledge members of the group, and axes before this. There will all most all ways be one member that has some for of magic, in most cases he will have a book, or scroll that he can read to hold a foe while the rest of the band bashes the Evil from them.

Here are the photos of the raw plastic members.

Leader, with young bloods.

Another angle of Leader, and young bloods.
Three full members of the band, one is the Holy Book Reader.

Holy Book Reader close up.
Holy Book Reader close up other side.
Two More full members.


Luckyjoe said...

Oh, man. I like this Warband a lot. Very characterful! The book reader is an excellent idea and nicely put together. Perfect pose. I can just see him trying to read that passage fast before the big bad or one of it's minions gets him. Can't wait to see more on this.

TheLongdawn said...

Hi LJ,
Thanks. I love the Reader, and I spent the most time on him. Yea I think he could get dead allot but still he is cool looking.


Henry said...

These look great - I've always loved the look of the Middenheimers in Mordheim, and your Hunters of Evil definitely have it! Thanks for the conversion ideas.
I can't wait to see them painted up, statted out, and in a battle.

Noel said...

Hi Henry,
Thanks, I can't wait till I paint them ether. As for the stats look at the post before this on it has the roster for the hunters.