Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Painting Jigs.

Well today I created 2 new painting jigs to make painting units easer.
I took some scrap wood trim 1/2 by 3/4 cut and screwed them together. Then drilled 6 hole (not all the way through) to hold the nails.

Well I have had a good Father's day and the wife let me do some painting.


Second Base completed!

Well I completed yet another Dwarf base. I have also changed the number of minis per base, and fixed the first base I completed. The first base was BRF Dwarfs, and the second is Mir.
Side by side view.


Dwarf Comparison photos!

Well Here are some comparison photos of the minis I picked up. They are from
  • Black Raven Foundry
  • Splintered Light
  • Mirliton
I like all the minis I picked up, but will not be getting any more from SL in the Dwarf range, as they are more like 20mm. I will be using the one I picked up but no more. The minis look great just to big for me. I did get a sample from SL of 3 orcs and will be buying these when I re-do an orc army. Photos of these soon.
From Left to right: Splintered Light Hero, Black Raven Foundry Hero, Mirliton 2 heroes.

From Left to Right: 2 BRF hand weapons, and 2 Mir hand weapons. I think these 2 ranges work very well together. I will most use BRF as they are easer to get a cheaper for me in the US.

From Left to Right: SL mounted hero, Mirliton mounted, BRF mounted. The SL range is to large for my taste. I will use them but don't think I will get any more of them. The other 2 ranges work well togerther and love them.
BRF mounted on a sabor tooth tiger, I love this guy.

I hope you like these photos, and I will try and do some more soon.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

A weekemd at home!

Well I have not been working on my minis at all, I start to but get rerouted to another project, or have other plans. Well I am home today, and will be doing a hole house clean up. That means the kids will nap, and the wife will to. So I will have 2 hours to my self.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Dwarfs in the collection!

I had a few bucks in my paypal account and decided to pickup a few more dwarfs for this project. I went to Old Glory 15s and picked up a bag of dwarf mounted. These guys are soooo cool! I also picked up a bag of bolista to use as artillery. I have 4 bases of cannons, and 3 bolista and I am not sure what I want to use. I am not sure if I want to go with black power in my army. I am trying to fit my army with the army form the R. A. S books, but this is not going to be as easy as I thought. I am going to have to say they are roughly based on the dwarfs from the books.


I been busy as of late!

I know I was going to post some thing over the Memorial day weekend but I was kept very busy, by my wife and kids. It's my hope to keep this project going, but it might take me a few more weekends to get by back log taken care of.