Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blog update.

Well I have not been able to get much done as it is summer, and there is lots to do out side, with the kids. I have decided to change my focus a bit. I was spending all my painting time on my Dwarfs, but I forgot I have other stuff to paint as well. I have decided to alternate between my fantasy, and my scifi miniatures. So I will be painting 2 jigs of one then move to the other. I have also started a new sicfi blog sort of a sister site to this one. TheOrky 15mm SciFi. My first project there will be to work on my hoards of Orcs. I have well over 100 of the little green guys and they all need paint. Also I have a friend bugging me to play, and that is the army I want to use.


Friday, July 24, 2009

My Painting Desk!

I have seen a number of post on a number of boards as to ware one works (workbench, painting area), and I wanted to share photos of mine. The desk is an old secretary desk that I got from the family as a hand me down. To the left of the desk is a chest of draws I picked up and is great for storage. It is a reproduction of and old time post office desk set. This set me back a few $$$.

Here are my kids have a go at painting, and they love it. Good thing I have a bunch of old minis for them to paint.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Dwarf bases!

Here are the photos of the bases I worked on over the holiday weekend. I painted up some Dwarf cav, and some Dwarf handweapons. I also re-based my Medieval foot knights form 4 to a base to 6 to a base. I have to finish the bases off with flock and such but I thought I would share the photos now.This is my first base of BRF mounted cav.
This is another base of Dwarf handweapons. This is a mix of BRF Mirliton minis.
My re-based knights.


Photos of my Battlewagon Painted!

Here is a slide show of my completed Dwarf battlewagon. Click on the slide show to see the photos.


Monday, July 6, 2009

BRF Dwarf Battlewagon review!

Well I finished my BFR Dwarf Battlewagon this weekend,and I wanted to write up a review of this large model. I have to say I was putting off this model as it was a bit of a pain in the butt to work on. The photo below dose not really show this, but it was.

This was the first of my new Dwarf minis to work on, and it took me a long time to finish. I am glad I did finish it as it is very cool, but I am sure I will only have one of these in my army. I wish the photo did a better job of showing the model. To start this model was in many parts, had 5 dwarfs, two bolt shooters, and 2 large rams to move the beast on the field of battle.

  • Size: Holy crap is this thing big. I have mounted it on a 40x80mm base and there is no room to spare on the base. I did not add the small bits on the wheels as they would have gone over the sides of the base.
  • Parts: There were allot of parts to this model, and they did not all fit well. It took me a few hours of work to get it together only to have to take it a part to prime and paint. I was not able to put it together in one shot. I was forced to build it in stages.
  • Quality: Even with the extra work for rough casting this model has great detail to it. Now that its all painted and assembled the hole thing looks great.
How I put the hole thing together: I started by painting the 5 dwarfs that needed to go on the model. Once they were painted I painted the wagon's parts. Once I had the hold of the parts painted I went about putting it together. This was a complex task. I started by mounting the dwarfs, and the bolt shooter on the first floor, then put the sides and second floor on. After leaving the core over night I set about the second floor, then the roof. During the assembly I was stopping to do some finish painting. Once it was all together, and painted I set it to a base, with the rams, did some basing and I am done.

All in all this is a great model but I would not like to make another one. Some of the work I did on the inside was a waste as it can not be seen. This was allot of work, but worth it in the end.

I will have photos of mine up this week.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

A weekend at work!

Well I spent some time painting this weekend, and wanted to share what I did. I worked on another base of Dwarf handweapons, the BRF Dwarf battlewagon, and the BFR mounted cavalry on sabor tooth tigers. I also rebased some of my knights so there as 6 to a base. I will take photos of these this week and have them up soon.