Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Dwarf bases!

Here are the photos of the bases I worked on over the holiday weekend. I painted up some Dwarf cav, and some Dwarf handweapons. I also re-based my Medieval foot knights form 4 to a base to 6 to a base. I have to finish the bases off with flock and such but I thought I would share the photos now.This is my first base of BRF mounted cav.
This is another base of Dwarf handweapons. This is a mix of BRF Mirliton minis.
My re-based knights.



ArmChairGeneral said...

Very nice blog! I do warengine as well!

Noel Vh said...

I have been using WE form the beginning when it was SF 1. I have to say it is the best rule set for skirmish games out there. I hope some day to have good veh rules added.

Thanks for the comment.


El Grego said...

Looking good - and it is nice to see some attention on the FR! rules. I recently found my old 1st edition FR! rules and I am planning to use it with my Tekumel minis.