Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Have I been up to????

Well I have kind of lost steam on my Dwarfs, as you can see from the number of post I have done lately. This is not to say I will not finish them, but I have changed directions for the moment. My first direction change was taking a transfer at work. This was closer to home but a more involving job title. The next change was I picked up my Grokamorka rule book and read it once more. I have been collecting the GM dudes once more, and putting a few mobs together. Then at the height of that change I was looking for a book in my office and found Mordheim. So I switched once more. At this time I am working on 2 war bands for Mordheim.

The war bands are this.
Skaven, and Reiklanders.

I have placed an order from Wargames factory for some Vikings that I will use. (note: I will not state what they will be use for I would not want to infringe on GW's IP laws). But any rate I will post photos here when I can, and for the GorkaMorka stuff I will post on my SciFi blog with those dudes, and trukks, and Buggyz, and a kustom Trukk I have built.