Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Day turns into Snow Weekend!!!

OK I have not picked up the camera yet, but I have painted some more of the warband. I have 3 ready for play, 3 all most ready, and 3 half done. I made some good progress over the snowy weekend. I also took another distro of Linux out for a test drive. LinuxMint, based on Ubuntu, but more user friendly out of the box. What I mean by that statement is most of the non free content of Ubuntu is installed for the user during the install, and not after the install. By non free I am talking about Java, and Adobe Flash player. This makes it a much better version of Ubuntu for some one who wants to learn Linux. I have also spent lots of time with my wife and kids, and I hope to spend more time with them today.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Well I had a snow day today, but needed to work from home. I did spend about an hour and a half painting. I worked on two more of the Viking warband, but did not photo them yet. I also started a third Viking. This third was the one I have seen people complain about. They do not like the running figure. Well I took this guy and gave him a Xbow. This guy is loading the Xbow on the run. I think he is very cool looking. Then I have my Orc trukk a second coat of paint.

We will see what tomorrow brings in the way of a snow day. I would love to paint more but I have a ton of work to get done at work.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Painted warband leader.

Well I have painted the leader of my warband. I know the lighting is bad, I take the photos in my garage and the light are to cold. Click on the photo to see it bigger.


From mordheim">Photo 1

From mordheim">Photo2

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Viking Fantasy Warband.

Well I have put my Viking warband together, and here is a slid show of them.
I have also done a write up on my new web page. I am going to use this for both, Mordheim, and SBH. I hope you enjoy, and please comment on them.
The minis are from Wargames Factory, and are the sample vikings sets for $4.95. Great deal, and I got 3 sets.

Web site link.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whats going on at the Orky 15mm.

Well I have been jumping around a bit, as you know from my last post. I have picked up Mordheim once more and seeing it is still popular on the net I was very happy. So I have been working on a Skaven warband, as it was left over in the boxed set I still have. I then decided I wanted a new warband to fight them rats. I went through eBay and did not find any great deals there. Then I got an email from one of my groups that pointed me to Wargames and there is was a Viking sample set. I thought I could mix and match some of the left over human bitz from the Mordheim box to give the Vikings a fantasy feel. I ordered 3 sets of 8 men from WF for $24.00 US. They to over a week to get to me, as the owner was sick. I sent them an email to check on the order and it was quickly replied to. WF more than made up for the delay, and I would love to order more minis from them when the money is there. I have to say the price is right for these minis, and the quality is very good. For the scale they are 28mm, but not the heroic scale of GW, so they are a bit small. I have started to put some of them together with the fantasy bits, and I have to do a bit shaving down to make them fit right. But so far they are looking great. I will have some photos soon.

Then I really started to take a look at the game I am seeing more and more of Song of Blade, and heros or SBH. I picked up the first book SBH and found it to be different from any of the games I have rules for. It is a very simple rule set, with allot of potential. It dose require the supplements to make it a complete games system. The author is very quick to reply to questions on the yahoo group, and direct email. I am happy to have picked up this system, and will probably use this over the Mordheim rules. For the price of $5.00 it is well worth picking up the SBH rule book. I have plenty of minis to build warbands in ether 28mm, or 15mm. The game was made for 15mm but is scalable to any scale. The rule set dose not require you to use a ruler but 3 sticks of different sizes. These are used for range, and movement. A simple d6 game, with no book keeping should make for faster game play, and cut down on wasted time. This means more games in an evening of play.

Well I hope to have more soon.