Saturday, May 23, 2009

Been to long!

Well I have not been able to post or should I say I have not had any thing to post in a while. I hope to do some painting this weekend as it will be a long weekend in the US. I have the Painting 101 to finish, and post photos of them. I am also working on a battle wagon for BRF for the Dwarfs. I am not having fun building this one. I have no idea why I just not into it. It looks great I just not into it.

Well I hope to have some thing later today or tomorrow.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Painting Dwarfs 101! Part 1.

This is a small how to on how I paint my 15mm Dwarfs. I used a slide show to save space on the Blog page. Once the show plays, use the controls to move through the slides. I hope you like it.
Any questions place them in the comments for this post.


Friday, May 8, 2009

What Rules Do I use.

Well I was asked a good question!

The question was what rule set do I use? The answer is this ChipCo’s FR!3 (Fantasy Rules 3). A few years back I decided to make a jump into Fantasy gaming with all the hype about Warhammer, but could not see my self spending that kind of money. So I looked around the net and came up with 15mm as a cheaper way of getting into Fantasy gaming. So before I make this leap I need to find a rule set to use. I looked at a hole bunch before I settled on one. I also spent some money on rule sets. I can’t remember the first one I looked at, but it was not FR!. I can list some I have.

  • For the masses (MJ12Games)
  • Fantasy Rules 2,3, and TCE (ChipCo Games)
  • Warrior Heroes (Two Hour Wargames)
  • Armies of Arcane (Thane’s Games)
  • Warhammer (GW)
  • Demonworld (now defunct)
  • Hordes of Heroes (kallistra)
  • The Age of Might and Steel (15mm uk now has these rules)

This is my short list. There were others but none worth mention here. I know some might say I missed Hordes of the Things, but I did not peruse these rules, as I did not feel they were a good match for me.

The first I bought into was Demonworld, but soon realized I did not like the hex based system, and the high cost of the game. Next was some free downloads I found but none paned out. So I had a copy of Days of Knights from ChipCo games, and liked it, so I figured I would give there Fantasy rules a try. Yes they were a bit much in the price, but they were an all inclusive rule set. Once I had the rules there was nothing else to buy, but the miniatures, and game needs. This I very much liked about the rules set. Now I have continued my quest for the best rules set but keep coming back to FR!.

Every one has a different idea on what they want from a game and a rule set, so I have to say FR! Fits mine ware other rules fit others better. I will try a rules review some time but I am sure there are a number of people that have done so. A good Google search should get you what you need.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A nasty comment!

Well I got a nasty comment on one of my posts and I am going to respond.
Well Some one stated I should post a how I paint, how dare you. The way I paint is a trade secrete, that I can not share!!

OK I am kidding! The next mini I paint I will do a full write up form start to finish with photos.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Completed my first base of Dwarfs!

Well I have finished my first base of Dwarfs and here are some photos.

Seen here I have based 4 Dwarfs on plastic card, then covered the base with a filler putty. I have given the putty a bit of color to make it easier to cover with paint and flock.

Another angle of the same.

Now this is a completed base. I have added a bottom to the base of magnet, used for cards. You can get then in lots of 100 for about 10.00 US. With a pit of paint and some flock it looks good tom me.

Another angle.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well here is a video of my laptop running Ubuntu with compiz. Have any questions add a comment.

First Photos of the Dwarfs

Well As promised here are my first photos of the Dwarfs I am working on. The Dwarfs are form the Black Raven Foundry range of Dwarfs. My photos show the new way I am painting 15mm miniatures. From these photos you can see they are mounted on a roofing nail then placed into a block of wood. This made painting the Dwarfs much easier then the way I did it in the past, by painting them on the 40x40 base. When painting I try to work on 2 bases worth of minis at one time, but I mis counted and only painted 7 and not the 8 required. I am going to work on completing one base today. I have mounted 4 of the Dwarfs, and filled the base to give it a better look than just flock.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Its alive, its alive!!! (my Laptop)

Well I got my laptop running today with a new mother board. I also took the time to upgrade my operating system. No not to Vista, or XP sp3, but to Ubuntu 9.4!!! Man this laptop is running better than ever with Ubuntu 9.4, over Ubuntu 8.10

Well I am a linux guy and now to the phtos.