Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Photos of the Dwarfs

Well As promised here are my first photos of the Dwarfs I am working on. The Dwarfs are form the Black Raven Foundry range of Dwarfs. My photos show the new way I am painting 15mm miniatures. From these photos you can see they are mounted on a roofing nail then placed into a block of wood. This made painting the Dwarfs much easier then the way I did it in the past, by painting them on the 40x40 base. When painting I try to work on 2 bases worth of minis at one time, but I mis counted and only painted 7 and not the 8 required. I am going to work on completing one base today. I have mounted 4 of the Dwarfs, and filled the base to give it a better look than just flock.



curtis said...

The main thing for me in painting everything on the base is that I can check out the progress as I go along. Since, like a lot of folks, some projects never get completed, it is worth the extra work. the nail idea is great (I sometimes use strips of wood) and much more efficient, it is way more abstract. Glad it is working for you. Looks like you will have great results.


George D'Amato said...

Nice work Noel. I have been itching to get some figures painted lately but seem like something always comes up when I sit down to paint. I am bookmarking your Blog. I really look forward to seeing more of your work.


Noel Vh said...

I have had to force my self to paint! I like you find it hard to get any thing done.