Saturday, May 2, 2009

Its alive, its alive!!! (my Laptop)

Well I got my laptop running today with a new mother board. I also took the time to upgrade my operating system. No not to Vista, or XP sp3, but to Ubuntu 9.4!!! Man this laptop is running better than ever with Ubuntu 9.4, over Ubuntu 8.10

Well I am a linux guy and now to the phtos.



George D'Amato said...

I know what You mean. I was running Vista on my Toshiba Satellite. I kept crashing constantly. I finally took the plunge and installed Ubuntu 810 on it a few months ago. It works like a dream now. When I got my new desktop last month I skipped windows completely and went straight to Ubuntu. I couldn't be happier with it


Noel Vh said...

I keep 2 computers with windows XP on them but my others have Ubuntu 9.4