Saturday, March 19, 2011

SBH SOLO Vikings VS Hunters of Evil

With my new love of Universal Battle, I have run yet another solo game. This time it was the under dog Vikings VS the Vet Hunters of Evil.

I set the game up like this. This was just an all out battle.

The Vikings are up north, with he Hunters from the south.
Turn one.
Vikings, and Hunters close in on each other. A few ranged attacks but no real action. Here is how it looked at he end of the turn.

Turn three is the last turn in the game, and had the most action.
This photo shows that the Hunters killed two vikings right off.

The final photo show how the Vikings routed after a G kill, and called it a game.

I am really just getting a handle on the rules, both SBH, and SDG. I am also having fun with UB.
So in the end I have had three battles.
Ratz vs Vikings with the Ratz winning.
Ratz vs The Hunters, Hunters Winning
Viking vs Hunters, Hunters once more.

So The Vikings really come out on top after losing two in a row. They picked up 15gp, plus the underdog bonus of d6x10 and I rolled a 6. So they end up with a grand total of 75gp to bulk up with.
Now I have done the exploration after each battle, and find it very hard to gain any thing from it. When you get some thing you have to roll a 6 on a d6. This is to hard. so in three games, I have rolled 6 time and have not gotten a 6. I think this need to be changed to 5+.

I have to stat up my Gor, and get them in top the action next.

Ratz W:1 L:1
Vikings W:0 L:2
Hunters W:2 L:0


Saturday, March 12, 2011

SBH SOLO Game With Universal Battle.

I am killing two birds here with another solo SDG game, and testing out a new software to play miniature games online this time. First the software. Universal Battle
I came across this from the SBH Yahoo group. So I had to give it a try. Now this is a pay soft ware with free access but the later is very limited. I have joined the Pro version for a year @ $14.00 USD. They have a hole pricing plan that is very affordable. I would have joined the lift time plan but I want to mke sure it flies before making that jump, but that is only $29.00 USD.

So his is mostly Fantasy based, but you could fight Historical Midevil battls with it. I am sure they will add more content as they grow.
So you create and account (Pro) and go to the army builder. You are faced with a hold bunch of choices. So I made a Rat, and a Hunters of Evil warbands. I started with a base figure and out fitted it as needed. You can add armour, clothes, hair, color, weapons, shields,  and more to each figure. Then you can store the stats for each miniature in side the information box. So here I stored the Q,C and rules. This information can be vied during the game.

Now I have the armies, I can save them to my computer to up load later, or share. To play solo I had to save both the Rat hord, and the hunters then create a blank army and load both warbands in to it. When you deploy you can deploy singles, or large number of the same for same WFBs.

Once deployed you use the rules of what ever system you want, and start the game. There is a die roller, chat, rulers, templates, markers, and tons of terrain to add to the game. All along you can save and come back to it. You can also save and share with every one. So you can make a map that every one can load and use. This is great for playing campaign games.

So over all it will take some time to get the hang of it, but it can be allot of fun. Also it will allow people how could never get together for a game play. Pair this with google voice, skype or some other VOIP software and it could be really work out.

Now here are the photos of the battle, but I did not focus on this, as i was trying to learn the system.

I had a few more photos to add but had some issues with Picasa upload rejecting them.
But any way you can see what I had laid out.

Now the Rats did not fare will this game, they got kill quickly, and gave up at turn 4, with 4 killed, and the leader being the second to go down. The Hunters did well. The after action was well boring. The Rats only lost one member, and earned 15gp. Had to pay 5 as the Leader was robbed while getting healed. The found a begger that took them for a gold. The Hunters got 20pg, and found a forgotten tomb and ended up with nothing.

So over all I look forward to playing this with some real people on the other side, but it is a great way to play solo, when I can not set up a table in the house.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

News Update Update.

Update to my update. I won the auction for the beast men and only put one bid in. I for one can not believe I won an auction with only one bid. So I got the GW (yuck) Gor Herd.

They list for $24.95 from GW plus shipping, and I have seen them for $29.95 plus shipping from other sites. I picked them up new in box for $15.50 and $4.00 shipping for a total of $19.50. I know this is no great deal with you look at what I paid from 20 Vikings from Wargams Factory, but is is good for a GW product.

Well now I have to work up some stats for them and get them on my roster list.


Friday, February 25, 2011

News update.

Well today saw the multi based unit add-on for the USE ME 002 Fantasy rules. As I love the USE ME 001 SciFi rules, and have my units based in mass I was very hope full for this add-on. Well I am not feeling it at all! Sorry 15mm UK, but I can just as easily stick with Fantasy Rules 3. I wanted so much to switch but I can't.

I love the rules, but and how simple they are with singled based units. Groups of them will work juts fine. But the new add -on rules feel like a band aid. If I was not hooked on SBH I would use USE ME 002.

The next set of new is I have bid on some beast men and I hope I get them. With 3 Warbands for SBH I am hoping for another. If I do not get them I will be getting some minis from Mirliton.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hunters of Evil Warband!

I have spent last weekend working up a new warband using bitz from Mordheim box set and my Wargames Factory Vikings. The theory behind this warband is a bunch of fanatics that hate Evil, and will stop at nothing to eradicate it. They will only use blunt weapons when they have become full fledge members of the group, and axes before this. There will all most all ways be one member that has some for of magic, in most cases he will have a book, or scroll that he can read to hold a foe while the rest of the band bashes the Evil from them.

Here are the photos of the raw plastic members.

Leader, with young bloods.

Another angle of Leader, and young bloods.
Three full members of the band, one is the Holy Book Reader.

Holy Book Reader close up.
Holy Book Reader close up other side.
Two More full members.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Current Warbands, for SBH.

Using the Warband builder here are my three warbands.
The first is my Viking warband.
Vikings PDF

Second is my Rats.
Rats PDF

Third is my Hunters of Evil.
Hunters PDF

I have used the Warband builder, to try and make a roster that can be used for a campaign setting. Also I have made my own unit types, and to show the weapons on the roster I have made user rules, with 0 cost. So if you look at these rosters you can see what I have done. In the name filed I have names each model, stated type, and have the experience listed. To show the warbands gold I have created a user rule called WB Chest=#gp. This can be changed buy selecting to edit the rule. I will also be creating rosters with photos, now that I know how to do that.

I have two other warband rosters that I have not posted as I do not have minis for them. I used them to play in Battle Chronicler.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Fantasy World.

Well I have all was wanted to create a world of fantasy that would work for every one. What I mean is this, with all the different systems out there you could never have a great campaign using these systems. I feel we should be able to. So many years ago GW (yuck) had an online campaign running and it was really cool. That is what got me thinking. Could this not be played by any one? I think yes. I feel if there is a base setup, a group from one area of the world playing HoTT could, and a group from another part could play WHFB, while yet another could play SoBH. With them all adding to the campaign. So how to make this work? I spent hours thinking of the world, and map, ending up with the current world called Earth. There are more then enough maps of the world out there on Google to use. This would allow groups to be placed on the map close to ware they are in the real world. Next a story line that would support this. Now I have come up with this but petered out. The Long Dawn here you can read what I have done. Now I am no writer, but the concept is a comet hits the Earth and causes a shift in the aliment of space and time. Portals open to all kinds of worlds allowing any fantasy race, or creature to come to Earth. But during this time of darkness, say a few hundred years, the history of the Earth is forgotten to some point. Now as the world come out of darkness the campaign starts. Armies now fight for territory and control over a piece of Earth.

Here is the map I like

I was thinking this could be done on large scale such as full scale battles, all the way down to skirmishes in Cities, using games like WHFB, Mordheim, HoTT, Fantasy Rules 3, SoBH,  USE ME 002, Mighty Armies, Warmaster, or any other rules set I have missed. The beauty of this is you use the rules you have  to play in a global Fantasy campaign. The campaign system would be very small.

This could be don a a blog, with battle reports sent in and a map updated on a web page.

Well any way I went so far with it and would be willing to go further, but I ran out of steam with the story line.