Saturday, March 19, 2011

SBH SOLO Vikings VS Hunters of Evil

With my new love of Universal Battle, I have run yet another solo game. This time it was the under dog Vikings VS the Vet Hunters of Evil.

I set the game up like this. This was just an all out battle.

The Vikings are up north, with he Hunters from the south.
Turn one.
Vikings, and Hunters close in on each other. A few ranged attacks but no real action. Here is how it looked at he end of the turn.

Turn three is the last turn in the game, and had the most action.
This photo shows that the Hunters killed two vikings right off.

The final photo show how the Vikings routed after a G kill, and called it a game.

I am really just getting a handle on the rules, both SBH, and SDG. I am also having fun with UB.
So in the end I have had three battles.
Ratz vs Vikings with the Ratz winning.
Ratz vs The Hunters, Hunters Winning
Viking vs Hunters, Hunters once more.

So The Vikings really come out on top after losing two in a row. They picked up 15gp, plus the underdog bonus of d6x10 and I rolled a 6. So they end up with a grand total of 75gp to bulk up with.
Now I have done the exploration after each battle, and find it very hard to gain any thing from it. When you get some thing you have to roll a 6 on a d6. This is to hard. so in three games, I have rolled 6 time and have not gotten a 6. I think this need to be changed to 5+.

I have to stat up my Gor, and get them in top the action next.

Ratz W:1 L:1
Vikings W:0 L:2
Hunters W:2 L:0


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