Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well I have yet another set back. My laptop's motherboard went kaupt on me:-(
Well I should have t up and running by the weekend, and get the photos up. I have a parts laptop
I will use to get it back. This then I am stuck with my backup laptop, that has no files on it.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Yet another weekend passes me by!!

We I have been saying for a few weeks that I would be posting photos of my new Dwarfs, but alas I have not done so. I will continue to lie about photos till they are up on the Blog. If you are checking is from time to time I might surprise you with photos. Even though I have not taken photos I have worked on them. What I have done to the bulk of the minis is prep them for paint. I have set them into piles from each maker, so as to keep them apart till they are photographed. As most of the minis work well together I will be mixing them on the bases.

So I have filed down the bottom of there bases, removed the flash, and mounted them on roofing nails. What roofing nails? Why? Well I have found this is a great way to paint them. I use the nail shaft to hold the while I prim, and paint them. What I have done is take a block of wood, and drilled 8 holes in it. Now the roofing nails slip into the holes. So I have 8 guys mounted to the head of the roofing nails, and in the block of wood, off to be primed. This is the first time I have done this method and let me say priming the little men was easy, with good coverage and little build up.

Off to the painting desk. So I have applied 4 colors to my first 8 with the new method and am liking it. Before I would cram them on the base and try to paint them. I have even use the stick method, but did not like it.

This is going to be my normal for 15mm miniature, and I have a ton to be painted.

Photos coming soon
(end lie)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here are some photos of my Lizard man army. This will add some color to this Blog.


Blog layout change.

Well I was not a fan of the narrow looking Blog so I have changed it up a bit. I not sure I like this but will be making changes over the next few days to get it the right way. I will also be looking at some templates on the net to see if I can find one I like.

Well I found this template and love it, so I have a better looking Blog, that fits the Fantasy theme I was going for.
I hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The last of the minis arived!!!

Well I was happy to come home and find the last of my Dwarfs at my door step today. I ordered from three companies, and am happy with all three of them.
Mirliton This is the one I ordered from first, and got last. This order came from Italy, and took two weeks to get here but was well worth the wait.
Old Glory 15s Black Raven Foundry was the last I ordered, and the first to arrive, only days to get to me. I have ordered from them in the past with the same great service.
Splintered Light Miniatures I ordered these the day before the BRF minis and got them today, but was informed they would be delayed due to a small back order. I was pleased to find a sample of there orcs, and goblins in the package. You get bonus points for that.

So now I am swimming in Dwarfs, it will be time to get to work on them. I know I stated in my last post I would have photos but I failed to take some. As all ways I had to just right in to building and painting them. Well I have the night off from the wife and kids so I will give it my best try tonight.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Painting in 15mm!! Ouch!!

Its been a year or two with out painting, now I have started my eyes are not the same. I have found my self needing magnifying, readers I have to paint these little fellas. But I will get them done, I hope. As I went through my paints I found I needed some, and off to my local store to get a few. I needed some primer and was shocked to see the price of GW's spray $15.00. It this time ware money is so tight I see this miniature painting, becoming a thing of the past. So I opted out of primer and will use auto gray primer. I did pick up a few pots of paint but will not be getting more from GW. Don't get me wrong I want to support my local game shope but not at these prices.

I have all ways been a cheap ass painter, and use craft paint for 90% of my paints. This might change. For metallics I have use GW or other paints just for miniatures as they have a finner pigment. I will be checking out what the craft paint have now. Last time I picked up craft paint it was .99 for a larg bottle not a pot, and I have a ton of them. Some comapnys are better than others but they are so cheap I don't care if I get a color and I don't like it. I will use that for terrain or give it to the kids to paint.

Back to the local game shops I wis mine sold 15mm stuf, but alas they opt for the more popular ranges of minis and games. I know the owner of my local shop, and wish I could help as i did when he oppened his store, but money is tight, and i hope he makes it through this tight time.


Some minis have arived

Well I got one of my orders this week, and got started on it right away. My order was from Old Glory 15s, and was from the Black Raven Foundry range of minis. Now I have had some of there minis in the past and love them. I had the Orcs, but have sold them off in order to pay some bills 2 years ago. I hope to buy more in the future but for now I am happy with my Human, Lizard man, and now Dwarfs.

So I got off subject there! What I got was a bag of 24 melee troops, and the War Wagon. I have started on the War Wagon and will post photos of these later today (I hope). I will also be posting photos of the troops as I get through them. I will try to do a scale photos when I get the others I have ordered.


Monday, April 13, 2009

More Dwarfs for Icewind Dale

Well I have ordered more dwarfs for my new army. I ordered some form Old Glory 15s, and some from Splintered Light Miniatures. What did I order sofar.
From Mirliton
  • HT001 boxed army.
  • QNA010 Kings of the cavern command
  • QNA004 Dwarf warriors with sword and shield
From Old Glory 15s
  • FO19 Dwarven War Wagon With Bolt Shooters
  • FO16 Dwarven Melee Troops
From Splintered Light Miniatures
  • HOOD01 Robin Hood Personalities (some will be used a chrs from the book)
  • DWAR01 Dwarf High Command
  • DWAR04A Dwarf Huscarls 1
As I am not sure of the size from the three companies I will be taking a close look at the dwarfs when I get them to see what minis I will be using for what part of the army. So look for more soon, as I will post once I start getting them in.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dwarfs of Icewind Dale!

Well I have been reading the R. A. Salvatore's books about Drizzt the Drow elf, and love them. I have got a bug to build an army based on the Dwarfs for this series of books. I will also be adding the other characters as heroes to this army. Here is a link to my new web site 15mmFantasy ware I will be doing a complete journal of this army. I have ordered a bunch of dwarfs from Mirliton and will be doing a review of the minis and the company once I get them.


My First Post!

Well I have started a Blog about my 15mm war gaming, and will be posting my projects here. I will be doing a larger write up on my web site, and using this for news and announcements.