Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The last of the minis arived!!!

Well I was happy to come home and find the last of my Dwarfs at my door step today. I ordered from three companies, and am happy with all three of them.
Mirliton This is the one I ordered from first, and got last. This order came from Italy, and took two weeks to get here but was well worth the wait.
Old Glory 15s Black Raven Foundry was the last I ordered, and the first to arrive, only days to get to me. I have ordered from them in the past with the same great service.
Splintered Light Miniatures I ordered these the day before the BRF minis and got them today, but was informed they would be delayed due to a small back order. I was pleased to find a sample of there orcs, and goblins in the package. You get bonus points for that.

So now I am swimming in Dwarfs, it will be time to get to work on them. I know I stated in my last post I would have photos but I failed to take some. As all ways I had to just right in to building and painting them. Well I have the night off from the wife and kids so I will give it my best try tonight.


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