Sunday, April 19, 2009

Painting in 15mm!! Ouch!!

Its been a year or two with out painting, now I have started my eyes are not the same. I have found my self needing magnifying, readers I have to paint these little fellas. But I will get them done, I hope. As I went through my paints I found I needed some, and off to my local store to get a few. I needed some primer and was shocked to see the price of GW's spray $15.00. It this time ware money is so tight I see this miniature painting, becoming a thing of the past. So I opted out of primer and will use auto gray primer. I did pick up a few pots of paint but will not be getting more from GW. Don't get me wrong I want to support my local game shope but not at these prices.

I have all ways been a cheap ass painter, and use craft paint for 90% of my paints. This might change. For metallics I have use GW or other paints just for miniatures as they have a finner pigment. I will be checking out what the craft paint have now. Last time I picked up craft paint it was .99 for a larg bottle not a pot, and I have a ton of them. Some comapnys are better than others but they are so cheap I don't care if I get a color and I don't like it. I will use that for terrain or give it to the kids to paint.

Back to the local game shops I wis mine sold 15mm stuf, but alas they opt for the more popular ranges of minis and games. I know the owner of my local shop, and wish I could help as i did when he oppened his store, but money is tight, and i hope he makes it through this tight time.



Infojunky said...

Here is what I do, Primer the figure in Black or dark Gray, heavy drybrush in white, then simple block painting, then a wash with the appropriate colour. usually that is enough for rank and file figures.

Noel Vh said...

That is what i do for the most part, but this time I want to go all out on my Dwarfs.

Thanks for the comment