Monday, April 27, 2009

Yet another weekend passes me by!!

We I have been saying for a few weeks that I would be posting photos of my new Dwarfs, but alas I have not done so. I will continue to lie about photos till they are up on the Blog. If you are checking is from time to time I might surprise you with photos. Even though I have not taken photos I have worked on them. What I have done to the bulk of the minis is prep them for paint. I have set them into piles from each maker, so as to keep them apart till they are photographed. As most of the minis work well together I will be mixing them on the bases.

So I have filed down the bottom of there bases, removed the flash, and mounted them on roofing nails. What roofing nails? Why? Well I have found this is a great way to paint them. I use the nail shaft to hold the while I prim, and paint them. What I have done is take a block of wood, and drilled 8 holes in it. Now the roofing nails slip into the holes. So I have 8 guys mounted to the head of the roofing nails, and in the block of wood, off to be primed. This is the first time I have done this method and let me say priming the little men was easy, with good coverage and little build up.

Off to the painting desk. So I have applied 4 colors to my first 8 with the new method and am liking it. Before I would cram them on the base and try to paint them. I have even use the stick method, but did not like it.

This is going to be my normal for 15mm miniature, and I have a ton to be painted.

Photos coming soon
(end lie)


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