Sunday, February 20, 2011

Current Warbands, for SBH.

Using the Warband builder here are my three warbands.
The first is my Viking warband.
Vikings PDF

Second is my Rats.
Rats PDF

Third is my Hunters of Evil.
Hunters PDF

I have used the Warband builder, to try and make a roster that can be used for a campaign setting. Also I have made my own unit types, and to show the weapons on the roster I have made user rules, with 0 cost. So if you look at these rosters you can see what I have done. In the name filed I have names each model, stated type, and have the experience listed. To show the warbands gold I have created a user rule called WB Chest=#gp. This can be changed buy selecting to edit the rule. I will also be creating rosters with photos, now that I know how to do that.

I have two other warband rosters that I have not posted as I do not have minis for them. I used them to play in Battle Chronicler.


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