Friday, February 25, 2011

News update.

Well today saw the multi based unit add-on for the USE ME 002 Fantasy rules. As I love the USE ME 001 SciFi rules, and have my units based in mass I was very hope full for this add-on. Well I am not feeling it at all! Sorry 15mm UK, but I can just as easily stick with Fantasy Rules 3. I wanted so much to switch but I can't.

I love the rules, but and how simple they are with singled based units. Groups of them will work juts fine. But the new add -on rules feel like a band aid. If I was not hooked on SBH I would use USE ME 002.

The next set of new is I have bid on some beast men and I hope I get them. With 3 Warbands for SBH I am hoping for another. If I do not get them I will be getting some minis from Mirliton.


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