Friday, May 8, 2009

What Rules Do I use.

Well I was asked a good question!

The question was what rule set do I use? The answer is this ChipCo’s FR!3 (Fantasy Rules 3). A few years back I decided to make a jump into Fantasy gaming with all the hype about Warhammer, but could not see my self spending that kind of money. So I looked around the net and came up with 15mm as a cheaper way of getting into Fantasy gaming. So before I make this leap I need to find a rule set to use. I looked at a hole bunch before I settled on one. I also spent some money on rule sets. I can’t remember the first one I looked at, but it was not FR!. I can list some I have.

  • For the masses (MJ12Games)
  • Fantasy Rules 2,3, and TCE (ChipCo Games)
  • Warrior Heroes (Two Hour Wargames)
  • Armies of Arcane (Thane’s Games)
  • Warhammer (GW)
  • Demonworld (now defunct)
  • Hordes of Heroes (kallistra)
  • The Age of Might and Steel (15mm uk now has these rules)

This is my short list. There were others but none worth mention here. I know some might say I missed Hordes of the Things, but I did not peruse these rules, as I did not feel they were a good match for me.

The first I bought into was Demonworld, but soon realized I did not like the hex based system, and the high cost of the game. Next was some free downloads I found but none paned out. So I had a copy of Days of Knights from ChipCo games, and liked it, so I figured I would give there Fantasy rules a try. Yes they were a bit much in the price, but they were an all inclusive rule set. Once I had the rules there was nothing else to buy, but the miniatures, and game needs. This I very much liked about the rules set. Now I have continued my quest for the best rules set but keep coming back to FR!.

Every one has a different idea on what they want from a game and a rule set, so I have to say FR! Fits mine ware other rules fit others better. I will try a rules review some time but I am sure there are a number of people that have done so. A good Google search should get you what you need.


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