Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SBH game today with my daughter

Well we had an ICE day here in the New Jersey, so I wanted to play wit the new dice tower. My little girl and I play a small SBH game. It was vikings VS ratmen. We only got to turn 3 before we had to stop but it was fun.

I broke out my terrain and setup the table. I was the rats, and she was the vikings.
These two photos are the setup. I was on the more open side, but that was OK she needed the advantage. She needs to learn about tactics, as she lumped all he men in to a pile behind the center wall section. I tried to point ok she should run her bow men to the high ground. That did not work. I split my group in to three groups. I had slingers, and a rat warrior on the left. Boss and 3 rats in the middle, and 4 rat n the right.

My girl got the first go, and moved behind the wall on the left of the photo. While I opted to go right, with the group move action. I have never used it and it worked out great. We both went for the bridge.

At the end of turn three she had taken out 2 of my rats, and I failed every attack roll. Over all we had fun. The die tower worked great. SBH is a very kid friendly system.


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