Monday, January 31, 2011

Die Tower Second Post

Well I have completed this my first die tower. I took some of the suggestions for the comments and worked them into this tower. Thanks for you comments:-) I may take the same template in the future and make a SciFi version of it, but for now this will do. I did have a bit of an issue wit the dice going over the wall at the end. I put a lip to help and it did, but the problem seem to be the dice act as a ramp for other dice. the hit the dice and bounce right out of the courtyard. Well at any rate the will keep my son from scattering the dice all over the room.

Both my kids helped in making this, and are having fun using it for math. They love to roll the dice then add up the total. Also we have played a game the higher die wins. Over all a great project, lots of fun with my kids, and my wife was even impressed by it.

Now for the photos.


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