Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Fantasy World.

Well I have all was wanted to create a world of fantasy that would work for every one. What I mean is this, with all the different systems out there you could never have a great campaign using these systems. I feel we should be able to. So many years ago GW (yuck) had an online campaign running and it was really cool. That is what got me thinking. Could this not be played by any one? I think yes. I feel if there is a base setup, a group from one area of the world playing HoTT could, and a group from another part could play WHFB, while yet another could play SoBH. With them all adding to the campaign. So how to make this work? I spent hours thinking of the world, and map, ending up with the current world called Earth. There are more then enough maps of the world out there on Google to use. This would allow groups to be placed on the map close to ware they are in the real world. Next a story line that would support this. Now I have come up with this but petered out. The Long Dawn here you can read what I have done. Now I am no writer, but the concept is a comet hits the Earth and causes a shift in the aliment of space and time. Portals open to all kinds of worlds allowing any fantasy race, or creature to come to Earth. But during this time of darkness, say a few hundred years, the history of the Earth is forgotten to some point. Now as the world come out of darkness the campaign starts. Armies now fight for territory and control over a piece of Earth.

Here is the map I like

I was thinking this could be done on large scale such as full scale battles, all the way down to skirmishes in Cities, using games like WHFB, Mordheim, HoTT, Fantasy Rules 3, SoBH,  USE ME 002, Mighty Armies, Warmaster, or any other rules set I have missed. The beauty of this is you use the rules you have  to play in a global Fantasy campaign. The campaign system would be very small.

This could be don a a blog, with battle reports sent in and a map updated on a web page.

Well any way I went so far with it and would be willing to go further, but I ran out of steam with the story line.


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Luka said...

OK, this is probably THE best gaming-related idea to come out this year (and possibly further)! Please, do continue with the whole thing, I think you have something really great here. One way to go about the whole "story" thing would be simply to have the fighting forces either, Good, Evil or (possibly) something else aligned and let them fight. Then, you'd have an "official" referee in each participating country/community, who'd collect the results at the end of a fighting season and send them to you (or whoever would run the thing), to be collected and put on the map for all to see ... listen; if you can spare a moment, please contact me at cell72004 (at) yahoodotcom , and we can discuss this stuff further, I'm getting some ideas as I write this. You have a real gem here, lets work on it and put it out for the community to use. I think sites like TGN and Beasts of War could be really helpful to get the thing going.