Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here come the Tua'ri Tanks!!!!

Some years back I picked up 6 of the alien tanks for Old Crow miniatures, they have been in a box for years. This pass weekend I decided to put them together, and make basses for them. I have 3 Tanks, and 3 APC.

The Tanks.

Now the APCs.

Tank next to some Tau'ri.

I know they look the same, but they are not. The tanks have 4 guns (wing tips and cockpit), and the back of the tank tapers off. The APCs have the cockpit guns, and the back is taller, with a hatch for the troops to enter, and exit. But they do use the same wings, and cockpit section. Over all I love them, and they are easy to put together. All that is needed is some light sanding of the body, ware the cockpit connects. I did not need to pin any thing, and use the new gorilla glue (there super glue).


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