Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nothing new here!

Well I have nothing, nothing new in my Fantasy world. I have been in the scifi mode for the last few weeks, has what I have been working on. I was spending the summer as I should and that is swimming, and having fun with the kids. One of the projects is to redo my Office/Painting room to make it more of a craft room for the kids as well. So I hope this will be done before the winter, when I do most of my painting. The problem is I have soooooo much computer stuff I have to cram it all into one small corner desk. Oh well I will post as soon as I can.



Prometheus said...

Your post sound so familiar I could be reading about myself! :-) Office/painting room. I also have a habit of repairing friends' laptops so I've also got tons of useless laptop stuff that needs to go along with a ton of role playing games that I'm slowly getting rid of on eBay. And my wife runs her Avon business from the same room. There's no more space for a wargaming table - even if it's two folding pasting tables put up and down in a hurry. I really want to get rid of so much crap that I have accumulated in gaming in 20 years so the kids can wander around the room without picking up an old lead miniature or skewering a hand on some craft tool.

Prometheus said...
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